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(Deutsch) Keine Ausweisung ohne Befristung

Federal Court ruling: No residence permit without visa application after marriage abroad

Administrative Court Applies the Chakroun-Ruling to a Case Concerning Family Reunion

Das Verwaltungsgericht Berlin (VG Berlin) hat erstmals das Chakroun – Urteil des Europäischen Gerichtshofes (EuGH) zur sogenannten Familiennachzugsrichtlinie in einem Verfahren berücksichtigt, bei dem das Visum zur Familienzusammenführung für zwei Kinder wegen nicht ausreichender...

ECJ rules on the recourse to the social assistance system and the right to family reunification (Chakroun)

In a case concerning the recourse to the social assistance system and how it might affect the right to family reunification, the Court has ruled :

1. The phrase ‘recourse to the social assistance system’ in Article 7(1)(c) of Council Directive 2003/86/EC of 22 September 2003 on the right to family reunification must be interpreted as precluding a Member State from adopting rules in respect...

(Deutsch) Rechte der Kinder türkischer Arbeitnehmer durch EuGH-Urteil gestärkt

Petition against the “Residenzpflicht”

Ruling on the Applicable Date for a Judgement on the Retraction of a Residence Permit

The Federal Administrative Court (Bundesverwaltungsgericht, BVerwG)  in Leipzig has ruled that the applicable date for a judgement on the retraction of a residence permit (both temporary and permanent) by a court is not the time of the last decision by the administration, but instead the date of the last hearing at the court or the date of its decision .

With this important ruling the Federal Court...

Emergency-Patients without Papers must not be reported

According to the new Directive on the execution of the Aufenthaltsgesetz (AufenthG), the German Immigration  Law, emergency patients in hospitals who are foreign nationals without papers must not be reported to the Immigration authorities (Auländerbehörde) by hospital staff or the social welfare office  (Sozialämter).

The new Directive by the Federal Ministry of the Interior came into effect as...

Handbook for Asylum Seekers and Refugees


law of residence

Residence Permit

As a citizen from a foreign country you will encounter a complex body of laws and regulations when traveling to and living in Germany. Immigration law as been changed profoundly and modernized to a certain degree by the Zuwanderungsgesetz enacted in 2005 and the subsequent modifications. However, one general rule is still valid: The residence and the employment of...