Immigration Law

Immigration and Alien Law is one of the areas of expertise as a lawyer in which I offer my international clients consultation and representation.

I will advise and assist you with applications and procedures when dealing with authorities and, if necessary, I will represent your case in court proceedings regarding: temporary and permanent residence permit,

  • visa for working in Germany,
  • visa for studying in Germany,
  • visa for family members / family reunion (Familienzusammenführung),
  • rights of EU-Citizens,
  • rights of binational couples, parents and children,
  • work permit,
  • granting of asylum and refugee protection,
  • temporary stay of deportation (Duldung),
  • expulsation (Ausweisung),
  • deportation (Abschiebung), or
  • naturalization and citizenship.

My priority always lies in successfully concluding your application procedure with the authorities, in order to avoid lenghty court proceedings. Immigration law is a very complex area, where many problems can be avoided, when proper communication with the authorities is established at an early stage.

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