Provisions governing basic cash benefits provided for in the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act held unconstitutional

Today, the Federal Constitutional Court pronounced its judgment on
submissions of the Higher Social Court of the state of North
Rhine-Westphalia (Landessozialgericht Nordrhein-Westfalen) on the
question whether the cash benefits paid according to the Asylum Seekers
Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz – AsylbLG) to secure the
recipients’ existence...

Access to Social welfare for EU-Citizens in Germany more difficult ?

The German government has declared a caveat against the European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance from 1953, concerning the access of citizens of other member states of the treaty  to benefits of social welfare given by the Jobcenter (SGB II or Hartz IV) – Leistungen),  thus effectively cancelling the treaty for anybody who is physically able to work.

The Jobcenter are now denying...

(Deutsch) Sozialamt muss Kosten einer privaten Krankenversicherung und Pflegeversicherung übernehmen

(Deutsch) Übernahme von Beiträgen für die private Krankenversicherung bei Leistungsberechtigten nach dem SGB II und SGB XII