Work Permit / Business and Immigration

As a foreign national living in Gemany who wants to work, start a business or a vocational training, you generally need to have a special work permit or a residence permit that  includes a work permit.

As a foreign national living abroad who wants to work, start a business or study in Germany, you have to apply for a visa for entering Germany and for a residence permit for your stay.

As a company who wants to fill a vacancy in a German subsidiary or who wants to recruit qualified employees from abroad, you will need to complete the necessary visa application as quickly and smoothly as possible.

As your attorney I can advise you on your opportunities, assist you in the preparation of applications and represent you while handling the application procedure for you. As a specialist for Immigration Law I am able to rely on years of experience and expertise in this complex legal matter, which law firms specialising in Commercial Law usually cannot offer.

A work permit is generally necessary for

– working as an employee,

– running an independent business or freelancing and

– traineeship, apprenticeship, vocational training.

Working without a permit or employing someone without the proper permit is at least a misdemeanor and can lead to hefty fines.

Some residence permits are specially designed for taking up a job, starting a business or studying. Oher residence permits, e.g. for family reunions, include a general work permit.

Every residence permit or stay of deportation (Duldung) includes collateral clauses indicating if the bearer is allowed to work, is allowed to apply for such a permit or is forbidden to work.

Every asylum seeker or refugee with a Duldung is forbidden to work during the first year in Germany, while his/her application is still pending. After the first year the application is generally possible, but the work permit is usually dificult to get. Depending on you job offer or type of traineeship and the length of your overall stay, the possibilites vary significantly. It is highly recommended to seek consultation in order to assess the opportunities.